Unless otherwise specified, the following conditions of sale apply when purchases are made from Expandermetall AB

Our business operations are governed by the environment, health and safety considerations and our quality management systems.

All expanded metal is to some degree straightened in a levelling machine, (“flattening” as an option, relates to a “flat” finish similar to perforated sheet metal).

If expanded metal with exactly the same finish as a previous delivery is required, the previous order confirmation number should be specified for the new order as a reference, (this does not apply to items we have in stock).

The format of all expanded metal is specified by the width first (width x length), where the width corresponds to the long way of mesh “LWM”.

Unless otherwise specified, standard materials are used for manufacture, possibly with some extra lubrication. No further surface treatment is involved and format tolerances are in accordance with ISO 2768-1 class c.

Delivery terms are in accordance with Incoterms 2010 FCA 57395 Ydre, Sweden. Transport is carried out preferably with DB Schenker. Unless otherwise specified, the delivery date refers to the latest shipping date from our premises alternatively from our partners, ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD). Freight packages may sometimes weigh up to 3 tons/pallet, unless otherwise specified.

General conditions of delivery are in accordance with NL01/Orgalime 2000.

Payment terms: 30 days net from date of delivery to our bank account, following an approved credit rating assessment.

For articles in the stocklist, no setup fees are charged nor are there minimum order value amounts. Materials that are cut to size from materials in stock are charged in accordance with a set-up charge of SEK 900 or as per an ongoing basis. Bespoke orders are charged at the rate SEK 1800/mesh pattern and occasion. Standard packaging is used EUR (A or B class) with covers, half pallets or pallets built with loose timber framing, charged on an ongoing basis. All rates are excluding VAT and in SEK.

Reservation for intermediate sale of raw materials and machine capacities.

Unloading times at the specified destination are expected to be at 7-16 Mon-Fri.

The customer must check the arrival of inbound goods without delay, (for example within 1 work day).

Non surface-treated expanded metal is extremely sensitive to corrosion which is why the metal is covered with plastic. Please note that the plastic foil should be removed immediately after unloading, and that such sensitive materials should be stored in a warm environment that is humidity controlled. As a general rule never place goods on wet surfaces, for example on the loading bay, when unloading outdoors.

Possible corrosion and shipping damage should be photographed before unloading. A note should be made on the freight documents by the shipper. This will facilitate full economic compensation.

An amendment fee of SEK 1000 will be charged for significant and/or repeated changes made to orders that have already been confirmed.

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