Durability and step width

Expanded metal is manufactured through cutting and expanding a solid sheet of metal in special machines. The machines cut and stretch the metal, expanding it to a seamless mesh without joints. The production contains no welded joints and no woven threads, which contributes to the unique qualities of expanded metal. The mesh that is produced after the expansion of the cut metal sheet gives the material an excellent carrying capacity.

From 1 square metre of metal sheet we can produce between 1-20 square metres of expanded metal, depending on the length and width of the mesh and the strand width. For a “normally” expanded metal, the surface expansion is 2-3-fold. Compared to perforated sheet metal where the scrap metal quota can be up to 70-80%, expanded metal uses the entire sheet with no production residue.

We produce expanded metal in many types of material, mainly steel and aluminium, but also copper, brass, stainless steel, nickel and titanium. We also expand polyethylene the same way.

The environmental transition

Nickel mesh is used in the production of hydrogen gas. Nickel mesh and expanded metal of copper are also included in batteries.

If the expanded metal is flattened it regains the original strand thickness of the sheet metal. It may be advantageous from an aesthetic point of view or to save space but the flattened expanded metal has a somewhat lower carrying capacity and is less slip-resistant.

We can also cut the expanded metal into shapes according to your wishes. We have extensive experience in this area and our machines are adapted to cutting with high quality and precision. We also have subcontractors who can help with bending, framing and adding protective surface finish.

Expanded metal – how it works

Production of expanded metal – step by step

Production of expanded metal step one
Production of expanded metal step two
Production of expanded metal step three
Production of expanded metal step four
Production of expanded metal step five
Production of expanded metal step six

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